Whether you're starting a business that specialized in catering services in Toronto or simply making your own dinner at home, there are certain procedures you need to observe to make sure your meal is both healthy and delicious. If you haven't had any formal training in cooking or food preparation, you should familiarize yourself with this subject before cooking for anyone else. This article will give you a basic outline of the steps you should follow to ensure your food safety.

Thaw Food Safely

When thawing frozen foods, especially meats, never leave them out on the counter. This invites the growth of bacteria and interference from insects that could make you ill later when you eat it. Instead, take extra time and thaw your meat in the refrigerators at your Liberty Village condos. Alternatively, you can also use the thaw function on your microwave if you are pressed for time.

Wash Your Hands

Our hands are the primary means through with we interact with our world, which means they often build up a collection of dirt, germs, and manure management residues. If you don't wash your hands before you touch your food, these residuals can get onto your food and from there into your body, making you sick. Wash with soap and water for twenty seconds to decontaminate. Wash your hands again after handling raw meat or eggs.

Keep Meat Separate

Failing to keep your raw meat from contaminating other foods is a great way to make sure your Catering Toronto business gets shut down by the health inspector. Raw meats are often home to harmful bacteria that can contaminate other foods and make the people who eat them sick. Therefore always keep meat away from foods that will be eaten raw and wash your utensils and counters down after they have touched raw meat.

Cook Thoroughly

The harmful bacterial that sometimes makes its home on raw meat, such as Salmonella and E.Coli, can be eliminated simply by cooking the meat thoroughly. Beef and pork must have an internal temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit to be safe, and poultry must reach 77 degrees if unboned and 82 degrees if boned. Use a meat thermometer to be certain. Never leave meat half cooked, even if you intend to finish later.

Store Properly

Any leftovers from the wedding catering in Toronto you do must be stored properly if you want them to be safe to eat later. Never leave food at room temperature for more than two hours. Always refrigerate and eat within three days. Meat, especially raw meat, should always be stored on the bottom shelf so it cannot drip onto and contaminate other foods. If you intend to save food for longer than three days, you will need to freeze it.

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