Most of us are living lives where every dollar counts. You might not be in a situation where you're just scraping by with every paycheck, but it's almost certain that you want to save money whenever possible. When you're stocking up the pantry and the fridge in your unit in SOHO or in downtown you should think about the ways that you can save. And one of the best methods is still that which was used by housewives in the 1950s. All you need to do is clip some coupons.

There is even a show on television today that shows us how much of a difference coupons can make to your final bill at the grocery store. On this program, people with hundreds of dollars in products walk out the door paying less than twenty dollars almost every week. And while this is not going to be the norm for the average person living in a Tulsa townhouse or a place in Chicago, for instance, there are certainly places where everyone can find a deal if you're willing to look for it. Real estate agent Patrick Rocca says that when looking for fair market values on a new home, speak to your agent about comparable prices in the area you are interested in.

The first place that you should look for coupons is still all of those flyers that come in the mail and in the Sunday newspaper. These places will have deals for most of the grocery stores around your home at least once a week. You will find that some of them have coupons right in the flyer while others will tell you about deals that are already in place once you get to the store. If you don't get flyers delivered to your home than you can usually find them as you walk in the door to the supermarket.

Another great place to find a deal in online. There are sites like Groupon and LivingSocial that will email you a coupon every day for stores within any city that you choose. If you're working you might be able to wait for one for many supplies that you're in need of. Or you might just end up finding something a few times a month that interests you. You should also visit the website for the store or mall that you're planning to visit to do your shopping. They will be able to lead you to all of the best coupons and deals when you're buying anything from diapers to canned goods.

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